Mig up first for TRR 3.0

Five months ago we interviewed Burnie Burns in Halo 3. We were using Livestream and a custom website. All that has changed.


Welcome to TRR 3.0!


We have a new site on Tumblr. A great blogging service that is easy to publish to and follow. Our streaming service is now Ustream. When you see the show tonight you will see why its better. Of course the biggest change is we are now conducting interviews in Halo: Reach. With all the great tools Bungie gave us in Forge the possibilities are endless. Tonight we interview our friend Miguel Chavez from halo.bungie.org. He’s been around since the beginning so its fitting we have him on to discuss how Reach brings Halo full circle.

At 9:30pm ET, we will go live with a new Green Room. At 10, Episode 31 starts with a new intro! Don’t worry, same song.

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