Not going to Halo Fest? Then Riot Fest!

Some of us will not be attending 343i’s big Halo party at PAX Prime. Yeah we wish we were there but we can handle it in two ways. Keep wishing or throw RIOT FEST!

We will go live Saturday night during Halo Fest weekend to simply just hang and chat about what’s been going on at Halo’s big bash. TRR will monitor Halo Fest news and Twitter all weekend for content to broadcast/discuss that night. We will try to get some of you in on the broadcast via Skype to participate in the show but as always we will be in the chat room too.

So if your a big Halo fan like us and cannot go to Halo Fest, Riot Fest is for you! We will start broadcasting right here Saturday, August 27th at 9:00pm ET(6:00 pm PT for you lucky Halo Fest peeps) till whenever.

BTW, the interview with Jared Pelletier, Director of Halo Faith originally scheduled for Wednesday August 17th has been moved. It is set for September 14th 9:30pm ET. Follow on Twitter for updates.

The celebration is NOT just in Seattle.

22 responses to “Not going to Halo Fest? Then Riot Fest!”

  1. Landon says:

    I’ll be there with MGN, be sure to give us high fives during the show!

  2. Dust Storm says:

    I’ll try to drop in.

  3. Goosechecka says:

    If you guys are still goin late Saturday (midnight PST?) I might be able to stop by for a bit.

  4. […] watching from the sidelines isn’t enough for you, Kete from The Running Riot is hosting Riot Fest.  Riot Fest is taking place on Saturday at 9:00PM EDT (6:00PM PDT) and will have people calling […]

  5. Falcotte says:

    I hope to be inside too. I live in Switzerland so… I’ll try to drop in too.

  6. […] going to Halo Fest? The team over at has you covered. The fun starts on Saturday August 27 at 9pm ET. Be […]

  7. halo 4 will be awsome says:

    i cant get to halo fest so i would like to join in with this but how do i watch it like on my xbox or something.

  8. Falcotte says:

    We just need to be here ? Just here ? I’ll be my dream to be in a Halo party.

  9. Donkiekong says:

    I am celabrating by have a 4 projector lan party in a Gym.

    Nothing like 4 100 inch screens to say thanks Halo!

  10. Dylan Daywitt says:

    AWESOME!!! and to think i was gona miss out!

  11. Falcotte says:

    One last little question… (if somebody answer me)

    I would like to know how you’ll take our Skype ID for when you’ll choice somebody. Because I really want to try to have a chance to visit Halo Fest. Sorry for my heavy comments.

  12. treason says:

    so we just have to come to THIS sight to watch Halo fest???

  13. halo 4 will be awsome says:

    i live in england what time do i have to be on the website

    • Falcotte says:

      3 am for Switzerland so for UK this 2 am.

      It’s too late for me. I was so glad to see a website like this but, this is too late. That’s a shame.

  14. JakeInTheGrass says:

    That was awesome last night, some great insite into the panels and vids coming out of Halo fest.

  15. Lord Ashrum says:

    This would have been nice to know … to bad there’s nothing about this on the xbox main page were lots of people actually pay attention.

  16. BeHoldenPegasus says:

    I wish i knew about this before!!!!!!!!!

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