Operation Dust Storm

A friend will be with us tonight. Dust Storm from Podtacular is our guest but he might as well live here. We’ve been collaborating together for some time now and finally we will dig into a great show that has been around since 2005 and going strong. Be warned. Expect some shenanigans as we kinda have been spending too much time together.

For the first time we will be having Skype call-ins to chat along with us! Send an IM to Skype name: “trrpodcast” and wait for a call back. As always, Green Room goes live at 9:30pm ET, interview with Mr. Storm at 10. Boo Bee Boop.

3 responses to “Operation Dust Storm”

  1. Salman says:

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  2. Fred, first off, great name. Second, really insightful comment… I’m curious as to what types of PC fans this applies to. I ask because my first job (when I was 14) was in IT tech repair. I worked for a really low budget IT shop in a conveyor manufacturing company. We used to repair those fans all the time because the computers that sat out in our shop were subjected to so much gunk. Our usual solution was to pry open the cap on the fan, dump some oil in it, spin it ’til it ran again, and then probably do the same thing again 90 days later.

  3. http://www./ says:

    I'd gave to disagree with you on the Alistair thing, walking into fire again and again and again even though it burns you takes a hell of a lot of discipline I'd imagine and a lot of determination.

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