A little show from Club Errera

Sorry everyone. Didn’t go as planned. Kinda knew that going in that it may be hit or miss. That is the curse of a live show. The main reason I wanted to do a show from the LAN was for the HBO community. A chance for those who could not be there to be involved somehow. Unfortunately my equipment wasn’t working up to standards and was a little too far from the action to capture the magic of the party. ¬†We did manage to capture about a half hour though. You can watch here.

Thanks to Louis Wu for letting us try. Thanks to Miguel Chavez for co-hosting. Thanks to BOLL for letting me hit you in the face with the mic. I think.

The next guest will be Dust Storm from Podtacular. One of TRR’s inspirations to get into podcasting. The date has been set for June 15th 9:30pm ET. Can’t wait!


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